Welcome to Triple "O" Outfitters

Nestled in the Clearwater Forest near the legendary Lolo Trail lies the operating camp of Triple O Outfitters. From this pristine wilderness location for over twenty years guest have been offered a wide range of unique outdoor activities including camping, hunting, fishing, biking, horseback riding and snow, and snowmobiling.

Triple 'O' Outfitters have been well known for their hospitality, wonderful food, and quality livestock. The recipients of numerous awards, they have achieved national recognition and  acclaim for their contributions in connecting Americans with their historic heritage.

There is no better area than the Bitterroot Mountains of Idaho to
offer an incredible way of experiencing nature.

Hunting Deer, Elk, Bear, Mountain Lion & Game Birds


We provide deer hunting, elk hunting, bear hunting and mountain lion hunting with rifle and bow. Our guided hunt trips include cook, food, lodging, guides, horses, saddles, camp equipment, and the packing of your game. Idaho's Clearwater National Forest has consistently been one of the best big game populations around.


Rediscover Lewis and Clark by Horseback

If you love camping and horseback riding then this trip is for you. Other outfitters can provide camping and horseback riding trips but none can match what Triple O Outfitters offers its clients on their Lewis and Clark camping horseback riding trip along the Lolo Trail across the Bitterroot Mountains of Northern Idaho. Now you can visit the actual campsites and experience the same terrain preserved in its primitive natural state while camping and horseback riding as did the original members of "Corps of Discovery" came.

Now you can own the exclusive "In their Footsteps" DVD featuring Triple O Outfitters as they journey along the Lolo Trail just as Lewis and Clark did.

Fishing and Snowmobiling

If you love fishing then pack in by horse to go fly fishing for native Cut Throat trout in the "Blue Ribbon" Gravey Creek and Cayuse Creek tributaries of the world famous Kelly Creek. This is some of the best fly fishing around.

If you love snowmobiling then try our snowmobiling along 300 miles of snowmobiling trails on Clearwater National Forest, Private and State ground. We'll take you to the undiscovered country of snowmobiling in north central Idaho. We will help you make your reservations for lodging and meals and even snowmobiling rentals.

Permitted area is located on National Forest Lands and Triple O Outfitters is an equal opportunity provider.

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